How to make people feel better

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to make people feel better

How many times have you spoken to a friend who was feeling bad and couldn't make him feel better?
How many times were you feeling down and then felt worse after talking to a friend?
Why do some people seem to have a natural ability to make other people feel better?

During your life you will face many situations where you will be in need of skills that allows you to calm people down and to make them feel better. Since i do coaching almost everyday i will give you in this article some of the tips i use that will help you better understand people and make them feel better.

Here is how to help people feel better

Here is how to help people feel better

  • My boring isn't your boring: Lots of people do the mistake of believing that the same words have the same meaning for everyone. If a friend of yours told you that he is bored then it would be a great mistake to start giving him advice before you understand what the word "boring" means for him. What you will discover is that the same words people use have different meanings according to their own internal world
  • There are no universal solutions for universal problems: If Your friend's problem was getting over someone then giving him the advice that worked for you before might not help him feel better. That's why in my book How to get over anyone in few days i cover all the different cases that could prevent someone from getting over a breakup instead of just covering one case. In short you need to listen to the person very well to understand his special case even if his problem appeared to be universal
  • We are not the same: One of the worst advice you can give to a friend who is feeling bad is telling him to "be strong", by saying so you already assumed that his tolerance, beliefs and abilities are the same as yours. We are all different and each one of us has his own internal system. You can't encourage a friend who hates his job to continue by telling him to be strong because for you that might be the solution but for him it might not be possible at all
  • Feel his emotions: In order to make someone feel better you must understand his emotions and feel them, once you do so you will be able to give him advice that sounds completely logical to him. If you didn't feel his emotions you would give him advice that he would find weird according to his current emotional state
  • Venting can be as powerful as problem solving: Research has shown that venting makes people feel better even if their problems weren't solved. Listen to people, allow them to talk and vent their emotions, that would help them feel better

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