How to feel better about life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do we feel down?

When life problems accumulate you might find yourself feeling really down and helpless. Most people don’t know that when they feel down there are usually more than one reason involved and not just a single reason.

For example you could be feeling down because you are lonely, because you have problems at work and because of the combined bad emotions that results from experiencing those 2 bad feelings together.

In addition to this, not understanding the nature of your emotions, not knowing how big your problems are and thinking that your problems are bigger than they truly are will also make you feel bad.

How to feel better about life

In order to feel better about your life and about your problems you must find a way to eliminate all of the other factors we just talked about. One of the perfect solutions for eliminating these factors is writing down your problems on a paper.

When you write down your problems you start to see their real size instead of imagining them to be bigger than they truly are. In addition to this, writing each problem separately will prevent you from experiencing the horrible emotions that result from having more than one feeling at the same time since you will see each one separately.

Moreover writing your problems tends to “Objectify” them or to turn them into objects which is something that makes them appear smaller than they used to be. Writing your problems also involves dumping lots of your bad emotions on the paper and usually results in a relief.

For example when someone uses 2knowmyself coaching service and writes to us about his problems he usually reports feeling better right after dumping his problems and this is because writing is one of the forms of expressive therapy.

Expressive therapy Is a method of therapy that helps people get rid of suppressed emotions by expressing them using writing, singing, venting or even dancing.

How to make your life better

Writing down your problems will make you feel better about your life but unless you work on an action plan and start dealing with these problems then your relief will be temporary.

I know that not all problems can be solved but why not start by the ones that you can deal with? After you get rid of few of your problems you will start to feel better and you will have more energy to encounter the bigger ones that seemed to have no solution.

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