Causes of inferiority complex in children

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

You were not born inferior

No child is born with inferiority complex. Children are born with no information about the world at all and then they learn how to become inferior as a result of the wrong parenting styles their parents use in addition to the harsh external environment they get subjected to.

A child who has good parents might not develop inferiority at home but it might happen at school as a result of being treated incorrectly by teachers and classmates.

How inferiority develops in children

When a child makes a certain mistake like spilling juice over his clothes and then his mother tells him something like “Are you stupid?” that comment resides in his subconscious mind and starts to make him belief that there is something wrong about him.

If the child failed to do his homework then his teacher told him something like “You are stupid and lazy” then he might start to think that he is really stupid!

some children will manage to get over that and develop their skills while some will form limiting beliefs about themselves and start to believe that they are inferior to others.

If the child didn't manage to overcome his feelings of inferiority by developing his skills then he might develop and inferiority complex and permanently think that he is less worthy than others.

The good news i have for you if you feel inferior now is that you can still get over your inferiority and feel confident. In the Solid Self confidence program i explained that just as inferiority complex was developed as a result of going through certain experiences it can also be unlearned if you did the right actions.

be cautious with children

Parents and caregivers need to be very cautious when dealing with children at their early stages because at these points children are highly receptive to each comment they hear about their worthiness.

In My article Parenting mistakes parents make with children i explained how little things that the parent never notice can affect his child's development and even result in an inferiority complex.

Respect the child as much as you respect an adult. Make your child feel worthy by encouraging him and taking his opinion. Don't be over protective because this will always prevent your child from developing the needed life skills and this will make him feel inferior to others.

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