Parenting mistakes with toddlers

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

parenting mistakes with toddlers

Most parents complain about the behavior of their children without realizing that they are the main reason behind it. The parenting mistakes done with toddlers shape the child's personality and affect his whole life later on.

These parenting mistakes range from little ones that result in minor changes in the toddler's personality to great ones that can result in severe psychological disorders.

Knowing about the worst parenting mistakes made with toddlers is a very effective thing a parent can do to raise a mentally healthy child.

The worst parenting mistakes made with toddlers

  • Spoiling the toddler: Contrary to common beliefs spoiling a child is one of the greatest mistakes a parent can make. A spoiled child never develops the life skills he needs to survive and thus becomes overly dependent on others, afraid to take any risks and might suffer from depression as soon as he fails to get something that he wants. moreover the lack of life skills makes the toddler feel inferior to others when he grows up
  • Over protection: Overly protective parents raise cowards. A toddler who was overly protected grows up believing that the world is unsafe and thus becomes shy, reserved and afraid to take any action. Over protection is one of the worst mistakes parents make with toddlers
  • Authoritarian parenting: One of the worst mistakes parents make with toddlers is becoming overly controlling. When parents set strict rules without explaining anything to the toddler and without being flexible the child grows up lacking self confidence and feeling less worthy than others.
  • He is just a little child: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that many toddlers grow up lacking self confidence because of the mistake parents make which is treating them as if they are worthless little creatures instead of worthy human beings. Do you listen to your child when he talks? do you shout at him in front of his friends or relatives? Do you scold him in the streets while everybody is looking? This fatal parenting mistake can prevent your toddler from feeling worthy
  • Comparing children to each other: Another catastrophic parenting mistake made with toddlers is comparing them to each other. Since no two children are equal comparisons will only result in jealousy, siblings rivalry and lack of self confidence

Avoid these parenting mistakes for healthy toddlers and adults

Some parents think that these mistakes will only affect the toddler for few months or even years without knowing that the whole life of an adult is usually the result of his childhood experiences.

The adult who was neglected as a toddler might live his whole life feeling inferior just because of that mistake his parents did with him.

Of course everything can be treated and these parenting mistakes can be fixed but why not choose the easy way and avoid them all together??

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