start making money online (tips from a dot com millionaire )

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

start making money online (tips from a dot com millionaire )

What will you do if you went to the gym then found a very slim guy giving you instructions on how to build muscles?

Most probably you will want to tell him that if his advice were useful then he would have had big muscles himself.

Lots of people talk about making money online even though they made no money at all.
As of August 2010 i become a dot com millionaire because of my website and that's why i believe i have some information to share with you about making money online.

Making money online

Nothing in the world is better than watching your earnings grow as you do nothing. The dot com lifestyle is as follows, you go to sleep, hangout with your friends then come back and find some more money added to your balance.

Throughout my journey in discovering the e-business world i came across very helpful tips that can help you start making money online in a more effective way.

The first tip is that depending on advertisement revenues only to make money online will never make you rich. Most websites generates only one third of its revenues from advertisements if not less, so whatever your website is about; make sure you sell something on it even if its an affiliate product.

In my book How i did it i discussed one of the very important findings i came across along the way, which is that people hate to search the web then find themselves in a page that tries to sell them something.

Instead people like to find a quality website that has free content in addition to products that they can buy. When the person clicks on a page intentionally knowing that it’s a page that sells a product the probability of making a purchase becomes higher than if he found himself suddenly in a page that is trying to sell him something he knows nothing about.

People can buy the product because they trust the seller even if they don’t know how useful the product might be. A purchase usually happens after the person spends some time at the site and after he starts to trust the seller. My books are selling very well because my articles help people to trust me easily and so they don't fear to buy my products.

Learn marketing to start making money online

The purpose of Marketing is not just limited to product awareness but its also a way that can help you understand the needs people have so that you can sell them something that helps them satisfy these needs.

The reason my book how to make someone fall in love with you is selling at a good rate is that the book helps people satisfy an important need that they have which is finding a loving partner.

Even if you have a great product it won’t sell unless there is a need for it. Even if your product can make their lives become better they won’t buy it if they weren’t aware of this fact. That’s why its very important to make a research that determines what people are looking for so that you can provide them with it.

making money online is one of the easiest ways to become rich without doing much effort. You can work from your bed if you want, you don't have to wake up at a certain time and your earnings can keep increasing even when you are asleep. So what are you waiting for? start now!

Farouk is not only holding several degrees in psychology but he is also an MBA holder, a stock market investor and an entrepreneur. The information you are reading now can dramatically increase your chance of increasing your wealth and becoming rich. If you have any doubts regarding these statements then read what other visitors say about book How I did it was written by Farouk and it explains how he managed to make a website that generates thousands of dollars/month in less than 2 years without paying a penny.

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