Making Money From The Internet

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

making money from the internet for free

Do you want to make more money?
Do you want to make money without taking any risks?
Do you want to make money from home and for free?
Do you want to be rich?

I know that this sounds like a scam but in fact i managed to become rich through the internet. As of august 2010 i made my first million online by just selling Ebooks and ads on my site.

If you succeeded in making a popular website then you will make a lot of money from the internet. The beauty about the cost of starting websites is that its very cheap to the extent that you can consider it free, i don't remember that i paid anything more than 50 dollars for this website during the first year.

How much money people make from the internet?

Below are some facts about some websites that you may not be aware of:

  • was developed by a 22 years old guy and he is now a billionaire!!
  • was developed by three people and it was sold to Google for 1.65 Billion dollars!!!
  • was made by one person and it generates 40,000 dollars of monthly revenues
  • was developed by one person (humble face) and it made me a millionaire in 4 years. In my book How i did it i explained in full details all the steps that i took to create a website that generates a respectful income in less than 2 years.

The Beauty of an Online business

There are many other businesses around that bring lots of money but the beauty of an online business lies in the following facts:

  • Immediate Revenues: As soon as your website is ready you can apply for Google’s adsense service and start making money from the first day. Adsense is a service that lets you put Google ads on your website and then you can earn some money when someone clicks on the ad
  • No Risk!!: if your website didn’t make it then what are you going to lose? Less than 50$ (this includes buying the domain name and hosting your website for two months in a good hosting company)
  • Ease of start: what’s easier than starting to earn money as soon you finish your site's design?
  • Working From home: think of it, you don’t have to wake up early, wear a tie or wear a weird looking uniform.

Why do people fail to make money on the internet

Not every website or Blog becomes poplar. The only ones who make it are those who offer something different.

you can either come up with a new idea or present an old idea in a better way. Do you think that brought a new idea? No, it just implemented the already existing idea of social networking in a better way.

Whether you intend to make an article website, an online store or a social networking website try to offer something different and you will make it. Good luck :)

Personal Development And Money

Some people think that personal development is only about learning how to become a positive thinker and how to improve one’s personality but this is a common myth.

Personal development extents to include everything that can make your life better. Making more money, making bigger muscles and having a great health are all things which fall under the category of personal development.

If you want any help making money online just feel free to contact me on the forums.

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