Free Muscle Building Tips

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why don't my muscles grow?

Are you tired of working out without obtaining any results?
Are you constantly training your muscles without getting the desired results?

I know that this can make you feel bad But don’t worry you won’t feel ashamed of your body anymore because after reading this guide your muscles will grow like they never did before.

Knowledge is power. If you tried to do something without being aware of all the variables involved you may end up with unsatisfactory results.

By becoming familiar with these different variables, you will be able to use them on your side to maximize your muscle growth.

How do muscles grow?

Your muscles are formed of fibers. When you lift a weight that is heavier than what your muscles can carry some of these fibers will tear down. When this happens your body decides to restore these fibers again but this time it restores them with a greater volume and that's how your muscles grow.

So if you didn’t tear down your muscle fibers then your muscles won’t grow!!!

I have met many people who train their muscles using very light weights and over the time they only happened to burn their fats!!! So rule number one for muscle growth is to use heavy weights.

Muscle growth and body types

Our response to weight training is not the same because our body types are different. Am sure that you have at least one friend who grows his muscles very fast compared to yours even though you are doing the same effort.

Body types are classified into Ectomorph (slim and hardly gains muscles), Mesomorph (well built and gains muscles easily) and Endomorph (fleshy and gains weight easily).

You should not go to the gym without first knowing more about your body type so that you pick the suitable exercises that suits your muscles (See different body types for more information on this topic)

If you are a Mesomorph then most probably you won't be reading this article. So I assume that you are either an Ectomorph or Endomorph. If you are an Ectomorph then follow this Link and it will tell you how to train your body properly.

If you are an Endomorph, gaining muscles won't be that hard but you will be gaining fats easily too, in my book The ultimate guide to weight loss i described how Endomrphs can have muscles below their fats and how getting rid of these fats can help their muscles become more visible . Because these fats will hide your muscle definition you must do some cardio to get rid of them.

Muscle building and changing exercises

When you keep on doing the same exercises over and over your body will get used to them and gaining more muscles will become difficult. The best thing to do to avoid this problem is to change the order of the exercises or to do new ones every few weeks.

By doing so your body will always be surprised by new exercises and so it will keep growing.

Muscle building and your mood

Am sure that you have heard many times about the most three important factors in muscle building which are training hard, getting enough rest and eating well.

Unfortunately, most people think that muscle building is a process that involves only these three factors while in fact there is a fourth factor that is over looked in spite of the fact that its much more important than all the other three factors combined. Its the "Mood" factor.

If you eat well, sleep a lot and exercise hard but you were depressed then you won't gain muscles and you may even lose muscles or gain extra fat. Your mood and your psychological well being is a very important factor in muscle building and i am sure that you have experienced a period of time where you took care of all of the other three factors yet found that there was no progress. This is a fourth factor problem.

Fortunately, this website contains enough information that can help you get over most of the emotional problems that you may be suffering from. Go to the main page and solve your emotional problems in order to avoid the bad effect of the fourth factor.

Muscle building and your biological clock

Your body doesn’t do its functions randomly. Everything is controlled by what we call the biological clock. Doing a certain activity in certain times could be much better and effective than doing that same activity in a different time

For example, have you ever stayed awake at night then tried to sleep at 10 am?
Did you sleep well? Of course not. Simply because the best time for your body to rest is at night and the same goes for the muscles.

The best time for training your body is in the morning. Sunlight can make your body become energetic even if you were feeling hot and this improves your performance when working out. (See the biological clock for more information on this topic)

Other factors that helps in developing muscles

There are some other important factors that can help you gain muscles like getting enough rest (in order to let your body restore the torn tissues), following a high protein diet (if you are a vegetarian you should decide between muscles or vegetables), drinking lot of water (helps to deliver nutrients to the muscles) and avoiding over training (not to damage your muscles).

If you followed all these tips you will soon experience muscle gain. Be patient, persistent and you will notice the effect yourself.

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