Why don’t my muscles grow

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why don’t my muscles grow

I am sure that you already asked everyone about the reasons that prevents your muscles from growing and I am sure that you have been told the same old boring advice which are sleep well, eat well and exercise well. While these boring advice are really useful still they aren't usually the reason your muscles aren’t growing.

I am certain that you have been through periods where you used to eat very well, sleep very well and exercise very well yet you kept losing muscle mass. Simply because apart from these three factors that shape your body, there is a fourth factor that is much more powerful than them all and that has an impact on your muscles that is bigger than the impact of all other three factors combined, this factor is your emotions.

Muscle growth and emotions

If you went to the gym feeling great then most likely you will work out perfectly because of the elevated amounts of energy you will have.

Without this energy you might not be able to train effectively or lift heavier weights. If you monitored your progress in the gym you will discover that the periods where you perform badly are the periods where you have bad feelings or big unsolved problems.

Drinking Redbull or any energy drink in the world won’t be able to give you the slightest push if the lack of energy is stemming from within. When you become depressed your mind withdraws all the energy from your body and you won’t feel like wanting to do anything even if you used energy drinks.

The other factor that can have a dramatic impact on your muscle growth rate is stress. Stress can actually breakdown your muscle tissues thus resulting in loss of body mass. If you are subjected to big amounts of stress in your life then working out, sleeping or eating wont help you at all.

Worrying can also prevent you from focusing on your muscles as you exercise. One of the main factors that allows muscles to grow are the signals sent by your brain to the muscles. If you was thinking of your other life problems while exercising then your muscles might not grow properly.

How to make your muscles grow

In order for your muscles to grow you have to have a clear mind, a sharp focus on your muscles and you must be aware of the moment while exercising. Eating well, sleeping well and exercising well might be helpful but with an elevated mood you can grow your muscles without eating, sleeping or even exercising well. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself.

Are you getting enough rest

Are you getting enough rest?
One of the most popular reasons for losing muscle mass is over training. When you exercise muscles fibers are torn. In order for your muscles to grow your body has to repair the torn tissues.

Now if you kept hitting the gym without giving your body enough time to heal the torn tissues then you will never grow.

Depending on your body type try to come up with the most suitable routine that allows you to both train hard and rest very well. Hard gainers need more rest than other people so if you are a hard gainer don't hit the gym more than 3 times a week.

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