How to Stop Feeling lonely

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Dealing with Loneliness

Why do we some people feel lonely although they have lots of friends?
Why we sometimes feel lonely in spite of being with lots of people?
And why do some people never feel lonely although they have few friends?

Only one word could provide an answer to these questions, this word is “Intimacy”.
Intimate relationships are the ones people share their deep feelings and emotions with. If you have hundreds of friends but your relationship with them is superficial then you will still feel lonely.

Loneliness can cause depression, in my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how depression cannot be cured until you satisfy your unmet needs. If your unmet need was the need for intimacy then unless you bring the lost intimacy to your life you will stay depressed.

Loneliness and Falling in Love Often

If you have true intimate relationships with two of your friends then you won’t be carving for intimacy and that could prevent you from falling in love often.

Some people fall in love just because they feel lonely. of course they don’t do it on intention but because their subconscious minds find no sources of intimacy it forces them to fall in love often to compensate for these feelings of loneliness.

What I am trying to say is that you could fall in love often just because you lack intimate relationships with your close friends. What’s dangerous about this problem is that you will fall in love on finding the chance and not the suitable person. The result could be discovering later that you don’t want that person and so you end up with a breakup.

Feeling Lonely even if I am in a Relationship

If you feel lonely although you are in a relationship then there is an intimacy problem between you and your partner. Do you really share everything together? Or do you just go to the movies together then each one of you returns back to his own private life.

Do you share all your secrets and emotions or do you keep hiding your feelings just to gain the acceptance of each other? Do you have common hobbies or do you split up when you want do your favorite hobbies?

All of these acts can reduce intimacy and so increase the feelings of loneliness even if you were in a relationship.

Feeling Lonely after Graduation

Lots of people feel lonely after graduation and this happens because their life problems start to become more private than they were before. for example, at the college or the high school almost everyone has the same problems, the exams they should study for, the assignments they should deliver…etc

Sharing these problems used to create intimacy even if you had no true friends but after graduation you might find no one to share your problems with and that's why you might feel lonely.

How to Stop Feeling Lonely

If you want to stop feeling lonely then follow these guidelines:

  • Form intimate relationships with your close friends
  • Share your deepest emotions and secrets with your partner
  • Try to share your problems with others specially if they had the same problems
  • Avoid sacrificing intimacy for Acceptance

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