Feeling self conscious (feeling you are being watched)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Feeling self conscious (feeling you are being watched)

If you were walking down the street alone and suddenly dropped something on the floor then felt anxious and embarrassed as a result then this means that you have a self consciousness problem.

Do you know why you felt embarrassed?
Its because you were sure that everyone was watching you and that everyone's attention was focused on you.

Self consciousness is the disorder which forces people to focus their attention on their surroundings excessively and as a result experience more stress and anxiety.

Dealing with feelings of self consciousness

The good news is that even though the problem of self consciousness can make your life really hard still it can be treated very easily by following those steps:

  • Challenge the belief: The next time you feel self-conscious stop and take a look around you to see if anybody is really watching you. Most probably you will find no one looking towards you
  • What if someone was looking?: Even if you found someone looking just act as if nothing happened then take a look at him moments later and you will find that he turned to look in another direction
  • Repeat: keep doing this whenever you feel that you are being watched and after sometime you will discover that those were just false ideas you had and that no body actually watches you.

Why this method helps in getting over self consciousness

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that any belief can be changed if it was constantly challenged. what you did here is that you challenged the irrational idea of being watched and so it became weaker.

Many irrational ideas can be dealt with using the same way. The approach used here is based on cognitive behavior therapy which is a method of therapy that can help people change their behavior by modifying their existing beliefs.

Self consciousness in this case was based on one false belief which is believing that people were watching you. Once you got rid of that belief self consciousness disappeared on its own.

Living in the moment vs feeling self conscious

Conscious living is way different than self consciousness. Conscious living is the habit of becoming aware of the present moment in such a case that your thoughts about the past or future doesn't affect your present emotions.

While self consciousness is a disorder that must be treated conscious living is a very good practice that you should learn. People who live consciously experience less pain, enjoy their lives more and are more positive in general.

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