What is Cognitive Behaviour therapy Cbt

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What is Cognitive Behaviour therapy Cbt

Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a method of therapy based on the assumption that your emotions are caused by your thoughts in addition to your perception of the situation you are in.

According to Cognitive Behaviour therapy a person's behavior will be based upon his emotions and thus if emotions can be changed somehow a behavioral change will follow.

For example, if someone pointed a pistol at you then before you feel afraid you will first think about the consequences of such an event. Once you come to the conclusion that you are in a great danger you will feel afraid. So Cognitive behavior therapy is based upon the fact that the thoughts you got during that situation changed your emotions rather than the situation itself.

what are the uses of cognitive behavior therapy?

CBT is one of the fastest methods you can use to change many behavioral patterns and unwanted emotions by simply changing your thoughts.

Some of your thoughts/emotions/behaviors can turn into a self reinforcing cycles that brings unwanted emotions into your life.

For example, if you thought that you are a loser then most probably you won't approach people the same way that you would have approached them if you didn't have such a belief.

Because you are not going to approach people properly there is a very big possibility that you will experience rejection and as a result your false beliefs will become even stronger.

This is where cognitive behavior therapy comes into play. If you managed to change your thoughts using CBT then your emotions will differ and as a result your behaviour will change.

You can use CBT to break this cycle in two ways, by either questioning your irrational belief of being a loser or by acting as if you are not one.

Both methods will help you break the cycle of reinforcement of the irrational belief. You can use CBT to deal with many unwanted behaviors like anger, anxiety, fear and even depression.

Example for using CBT to get over a breakup

Some people fail to recover after a breakup just because of the irrational beliefs they had about relationships. One of the famous beliefs that prevents people from recovering from breakups is "The one" belief which fools the person into believing that there is only one soul mate waiting for him out there.

In my book How to get over anyone in few days I described how these thoughts can turn into emotions of depression and helplessness. These emotions will then turn into a behavior like being broken and wanting to get back into that relationship.

In order to avoid all of these problems the root cause must be dealt with which is the false beliefs that resulted in such negative emotions.

If you learned how to deal with such false beliefs you wont have any problems getting over anyone. Check this article for more information on getting over false beliefs

This was one practical example that shows how Cognitive behavior therapy can help you get over unwanted behaviors. If you want to use CBT to get over depression or other problems then check out the links below.

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