Cognitive behaviour therapy(CBT) and Inferiority Complex

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Cognitive behaviour therapy(CBT) and Inferiority Complex

Suppose that you were walking down the street and upon passing by two other people they started to whisper to each other while looking at you. In that case if you had some irrational ideas about yourself you might have thought that they were saying something like "look at that stupid guy, he looks like a real nerd".

This limiting belief you had about yourself was the reason you thought that way. As a result of encountering such a situation you might avoid approaching people all together later on!

This in turn will affect your social life badly and result in strengthening the false beliefs even more. See how can a single irrational belief create a self reinforcing cycle that prevents you from living a happy life?

Using cognitive behavioral therapy to challenge your irrational ideas?

But just a minute!! Did you have any clue that made you sure that those people were talking about you?

And aren't there any other reason that could have forced those people to look towards you while talking?

couldn't they have been talking about what happened to them yesterday? Couldn't they be saying something like "hey look that guy is wearing the t-shirt I wanted to buy yesterday"? Couldn't they be saying something like "That guy looks like our friend john?"

challenge your irrational beliefs using CBT

Why did you drop all other possibilities and chose the one that made you feel bad about yourself?

It's amazing how out of thousands of possibilities you did pick up the worst one. Just challenge your thoughts by saying something like "no, there are lots of possibilities, why exactly did I choose this one? Do I have a clue? Do those people know me to judge me? Am I thinking in a rational way or is it just my false belief about myself that is making me think that way?"

Whenever the same situation happens follow the same approach of challenging your thoughts. Don't accept a thought without a solid clue.

After doing so many times this new way of thinking will become a normal part of your thinking process and so if the same situation happened again you won't experience those feelings at all.

final words

As you saw in the first examples the thoughts (I am looking like a nerd) resulted in the emotions (feeling bad) which lead to the behaviour (avoiding people). By either changing the way you think or by changing your behaviour you can break the self reinforcing cycle and so get rid of the irrational ideas that you have about yourself.

Inferiority complex can be nothing more than a feeling you got as a result of having too many irrational ideas about yourself. Get rid of such irrational ideas and your feelings of inferiority will go away.

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