Treatment using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Treatment using Cognitive Behavior Therapy

The main concept Cognitive Behavior Therapy is built upon is that your unwanted behaviour is caused by your emotions which in turn are caused by your irrational thoughts.

There are many forms of irrational thoughts that could trigger unwanted emotions and so result in an unwanted behaviour. Cognitive Behavior Therapy can help you break this cycle by allowing you to challenge your irrational beliefs which result in your unwanted thoughts and behaviour.

Once the irrational belief is dumped the unwanted behaviour will disappear on its own.

Negative Thinking patterns that Cognitive Behavior Therapy can change

Here are some of the Negative Thinking patterns that Cognitive Behavior Therapy can help you change:

  • Over generalization: Thinking in all or none way. All rich people are dishonest and all men are cheaters are examples of Over generalization. CBT can help you get rid of Over generalization
  • labeling yourself: Labeling is the act of calling yourself a name like loser, a failure, stupid or anything else then considering it a fact
  • Discounting your positive qualities: People who lack self confidence usually discount compliments or attribute them to anything else rather than admitting that they deserve them
  • Jumping to conclusions: If a friend didn't invite you to her birthday then you thought of something like “she didn't invite me to her birthday, so she hates me” then you fell for the trap of jumping to conclusions
  • Emotional reasoning: Assuming that your negative emotions represent the reality. For example if you felt guilty then thought that you are a bad person then you fell in the emotional reasoning trap
  • Perfectionism: If you have beliefs like "everyone should love me", "I must get A+" and "I must never make mistakes" then you are a perfectionist. Perfectionism can ruin self confidence but the good news it that cognitive behavioral therapy can help you combat this problem
  • Personalization: Thinking that events that are out of your control are a result of your poor performance. For example, if your child got bad grades then you believed that you are a bad father then this is an example of Personalization

How Cognitive behavioral therapy can help you deal with irrational beliefs

Cognitive behavioral therapy can help you deal with limiting and irrational beliefs.

Here is how to use CBT to weaken and remove an irrational belief.
As soon as the belief comes to your mind challenge it by asking questions such as:
Is that really true?
Is it correct that I am a total loser?
If you thought that the belief is true then you must ask yourself what proofs do you have to consider it true.

The more you challenge an irrational belief the more will it weaken until it will disappear. Since unwanted behaviors usually result from irrational beliefs cognitive behavioral therapy can help you get rid of unwanted behaviour.

Example for using Cognitive behavioral therapy to get over a breakup

CBT is not only used to treat depression and inferiority complex but it can also be used to help you recover from breakups

In my book How to get over anyone in few days i described how limiting beliefs such as "The one" Can prevent someone from recovering from a breakup.

By using CBT the person can get rid of his irrational belief and so recover from the breakup fast.

In order to avoid all of these problems the root cause must be dealt with which is the false belief. Read this article to know how to get over a false belief this article for more information on getting over false beliefs

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