Why do people crave attention

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why do people crave attention

Why do some people crave attention? In fact we all need attention to a certain extent because we are social beings but why do some people seem to be doing everything in order to get more attention?

For example if a man has a little amount of money then spent all what he has got to buy a sports car then this shows us that this man is dying for attention to the extent that he started to take illogical decisions.

I said earlier that our childhood experiences affect our adulthood and can even result in severe personality changes. People who crave attention were raised in such a way that made attention seeking behaviour an important part of maintaining their psychological balance.

In this article i will tell you about some of the real life examples that result in such a behavior.

Reasons why some people crave attention

An only child who has no brothers or sisters got used to be in the center of attention in his house. When a child grows up he will always try to replicate the favorable conditions he used to live in. That's why in most cases an only child craves for attention when he becomes an adult.

Sometimes a person might feel overlooked or not appropriated and that's why he craves attention. Whenever i make a session anywhere there is always that person who jumps out in the middle interrupting me to show people that he knows a lot about the subject i am talking about. Because that person feels he is overlooked he does his best to get some attention.

A superiority complex can sometimes be the reason a person craves attention. In the Solid Self confidence program i said how sometimes some people get involved in dangerous behavior just to get attention. In fact those people aren't doing it for attention as much as they are doing it to cover their flaws.

After all if someone appeared superior then no one will bother looking for his real defects, or at least that's how the person thinks.

Some people crave attention because they feel jealous as a result of finding someone else in the spotlight. This happens in the house when one kid gets more attention than the other, in the school when one popular kid steals the attention of the opposite sex and in any place where someone is favored over the others.

Can i stop craving for attention?

Yes the good news is that you can stop craving for attention provided that you treat the underlying root cause. For example, if a man feels that he is less successful than his friends he might try to steal attention whenever people talk about work.

Now if that man managed to become successful and felt satisfied with his success he won't crave for attention anymore.

Since i achieved financial success at a young age i avoid talking about work in the company of others because i don't need anymore attention in that area.

I still remember the last time a new friend asked me what do you do and i told her "I don't work, i just stay at home all day". Of course i was kidding but i didn't feel that i wanted to get some attention by telling her something like i am a dot com millionaire who works from home (which is a fact).

Had that conversation happened few years ago i might have craved for attention by talking about anything instead of saying what i said.

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