How to attract someone into your life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to attract someone into your life

In many of the articles i wrote about attraction i said that the perceived desirability of a person is much more important than his real desirability.

If the three best friends of a girl believed that a guy is desirable then certainly the girl will eventually acquire the same beliefs, not because the guy is desirable but because she thought that everyone likes him.

When trying to attract someone lots of people mistakenly assume that they should try to only impress the person himself while in fact, its extremely important to impress the people surrounding that person too so that you can manipulate his world.

Each one of us lives in a different world

Each one of us has main characters in his own world whom he spends the most time with. The beliefs a person builds about life doesn't usually need to be true as long as they can perfectly describe what's going on in his little world.

I previously said that research has shown that if members of the opposite sex believed that someone is desirable then a bystander of the same sex will develop the same belief about the person. (see Social proof theory).

In short one of the keys to attract a person to your life is to program the minds of the key people in his life whenever possible because that certainly will affect his beliefs about you.

How to attract someone to you?

In order to attract someone you first need to capture his attention. Showing the person that you posses good traits that he lacks, showing him that you are superior to him or being different in any other way can help you attract the attention.

Once attention is attracted you can work on intensifying this attraction by displaying your good traits one by one.

As soon as attraction reaches a certain level you should then move on to the final step which is turning this attraction into obsession. (see How to attract someone)

By sending the person mixed signals that confuses him like showering him with attention one day and ignoring him the other day the person will start to become obsessed with you.

At this point you can confidently say that you managed to attract his attention.

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