How to attract someone who is not interested (Based on attraction psychology)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to attract someone who is not interested (Based on attraction psychology)

Whenever someone thinks about something a lot he starts to become attached to it and he thinks about it even more. Large companies understand this fact and that's why they keep bombarding you with ads all the time.

The subconscious mind absorbs new beliefs by repetition and if something pleasant was repeated enough times the person will become attached to it.

So what does this has to do with attracting someone who is not interested in you?
actually if you managed to let someone think about you more often you will be only few steps away from making him fall in love with you even if he wasn't interested in you at all.

Love is nothing more than the state of being obsessed with someone and thinking about him a lot. If you want to attract someone who is not interested in you then you must first learn how to let him think about you more often.

Attracting someone who is not interested means occupying his thoughts

Don't confuse attraction with attracting attention. Its completely easy to attract someone's attention for few moments by doing anything extraordinary or even stupid but after he returns home he wont remember you anymore.

Successful attraction happens when you attract attention in such a way that the person thinks about you even after you leave.

The process of attraction starts by attracting the attention of the target, but not any kind of attention, you want to show him that you have qualities that he is desperately in need of. In such a case even if that person wasn't interested in you he will become attracted to you.

Every person in this world longs for certain traits and would become attracted to anybody who posses them. For example some women are attracted to ambitious men because its a trait that shows that this man might become somebody one day, some men are attracted to women who are demanded by other men because it makes them believe that they have high status. Now the reason someone might not be interested in you is that you didn't show him that you have these traits he is in need of.

Before you try to attract someone's attention try to first collect information about him and to find out the things that would impress him the most.

Does self confidence impress him?
Will perceived popularity impress him?
Can kindness impress her?
Will will power impress her?

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that the biggest mistake people make when trying to impress others is that they use one size fits all strategies without understanding that what would impress a person might not impress the other.

Turning attraction into obsession

In the beginning you must be available a lot if not all the time so that you make sure that you don't get forgotten. After all the battle for attention is fierce and lots of other things will be competing with you for the attention of that person you are targeting.

You don't just have to be available but you have to keep displaying the impressive qualities you have each time you appear as long as the person is still not interested in you.

Once the person becomes attached to you and gets used to your existence in his life start sending mixed signals, for example become very interested in him one day then completely ignore him the other day.

Keep on sending mixed signals and the other person will start to wonder what are you up to or whether you really like him or not. At this point you can congratulate yourself because you are starting occupying his thoughts.

Keep on doing this and he will think about you even more until he will find it extremely hard to be without you and at this point he is the one who is going to chase you.

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