how to attract someone to you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to attract someone to you

Disclaimer: The information i provide in this site should not be used for fooling innocent people, dating or playing around but instead the information is provided for those who are serious about a long term relationship that has marriage as its final goal, I am not responsible for the misuse of such information.

So how to attract someone you like?
and is there some kind of a method that could help you attract people?

Yes there is. The human mind is governed by certain laws that control its operation. If you managed to understand these laws correctly you will be able to manipulate it and use it to your side. In this article i am going to tell you how to attract someone you like by manipulating his mind.

Step by step guide to attracting someone to you

  • It starts with attention: Each day people are bombarded with events, advertisements, phone calls and thoughts. Each of these items usually occupy the person's mind for few seconds to few minutes before they are completely forgotten. The same happens with people, they usually forget those they were with few moments after they leave unless something catches their attention. The first step to attract someone to you is to catch his attention by showing him that you are different and unlike all other people. Don't confuse this with love or attraction, you just want to let the person remember you so that you occupy a little more of his thoughts
  • Turning attention to obsession After you manage to catch the person's attention you should then move on to step two. The human mind always fills the gaps by making conclusions about people and the larger the gap seems the harder will it be for the mind to fill it quickly. If you managed to give little exciting information about you then the person you want to attract will spend a lot of time trying to fill the gap. You should only give the person the starting point for his thoughts by displaying interesting information about you and then allowing his mind to fill the gap with his wide imagination
  • Impressing the obsessed: If you did the previous steps successfully the person will think about you a lot (still he wont be attracted to you) and will try to understand you more because you seem mysterious. At this point you can display all of the impressing qualities that you posses especially the ones that the other person lacks. For example if the person you are trying to attract is shy then you should display self confidence
  • Play on his unmet needs If the person you want to attract lacks intimacy then provide him with intimacy, if he lacks confidence show him that you are confident or if he is afraid of life then show him that you have a lot of courage. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that people are attracted to those who have great qualities that they lack and to those who have similar traits to the ones they like about themselves
  • Turning obsession into need and desire: Once the person becomes obsessed with you the next step should be showing less often and agreeing with your best friends to talk about you positively in your absence in front of him/her. For example one of your friends might say "that guy is brilliant, no wonder all girls all chasing him" By doing so you aren't only providing social proof to the person but you are also igniting his passion as you are not always available. Don't be predictable and declare your emotions right away because what's predictable is considered boring

At this point the person should have fell for you. Use this information wisely please.

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