What attracts women to a man

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

what attracts women to a man

Are women attracted to handsome men?
Does a tall man have an advantage over a short man?
Do unattractive men have got good chances in appealing to attractive women?
What really attracts women?

I am always against generalizations because ,as we all know, for every rule there are exceptions especially with controversial topics such as attractiveness, however, Recent researchers have managed to determine to a great extent the preference of the majority of women and the traits they look for in a man.

In this article i will tell you what attracts women to a man according to latest research findings (and of course there are exceptions).

What makes a man appear attractive to woman

  • The difference between Good looking and attractive: Most people confuse the term "good looking" with the word "attractive", good looking means that the person has attractive physical features while attractive in general means that the overall traits and qualities of that person makes him attractive. Women are attracted to attractive men not just good looking ones.
  • Women care less about looks than men do: Most men give looks a very high priority to the extent that it could be the basis for their decision in some cases. While women do care about looks they don't give it as much importance as men do. Most Women focus more on the personality traits and the qualities of a man
  • Protection: In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that most women need a man who can protect them, protect their children and ensure the safety of the family this results in letting most women become attracted to confident, charismatic, resourceful, rich, strong, brave and ambitious men. Each of these traits makes a woman feel more secure and so they make the man appear more attractive
  • Well built and healthy men attract women: Men who are tall, well built, with broad shoulders and who have a healthy look are considered much more attractive to women than ordinary men
  • Social proof and status: A research has shown that women are more attracted to men who managed to attract other attractive females. Popularity, high status and being surrounded by fans gives any man a strong advantage against other men.

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