How to attract someone you love

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to attract someone you love

How does it feel like to watch the same movie more than once?
Certainly in the second or third time you will start to get bored.

But why do we get bored of movies when we see them more than once?
It's because we know what will happen next and so the excitement fades away.

When it comes to attraction the same rule applies. People are rarely attracted to predictable people because they are considered boring. On the other hand mystery intensifies attraction and leads to more passion.

Attraction, mystery and the brain

What is the difference between being seen driving a 1 series BMW (the cheapest one) and being seen holding a BMW key?

In the second situation people will try to figure out the type of BMW you are driving and because most BMW keys look the same they might believe that you are driving a 7 series (a real expensive car). Moreover some people will wonder who is that guy driving such an expensive car? and what does he do for a living?

So what does this has to do with attraction?

Attraction is all about learning how to occupy a part of the person's thoughts. Once a person starts thinking about you a little and once you occupy some of their thoughts it will be very easy to take them to the next step which is to let them think about you more.

If you want to attract someone you love then you must be mysterious and unpredictable but in the same time you must provide little information that governs the person's imagination (the car key in the previous example was the little information needed)

Uniqueness and Attraction

Everyone knows that all people are unique but most people fail to advertise their uniqueness to others. They dress like everyone else, they talk like everyone else, they follow the crowd and even when they talk to people they still talk about the same things everyone talks about.

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that in order for you to haunt someone's mind you need to appear different, unique and one of a kind.

Attraction starts with capturing attention. When you appear different and unique you will easily capture people's attention. then once you capture someone's attention you will be able to show them your other qualities and thus elevate their interest in you.

People are bombarded by tons of information from numerous sources each day and because of that their attention spans became very short in such a way that only what's really different remains in their minds and all other events are discarded.

Have you ever seen a flying car? I am sure you never did but what if you saw one?
You will remember it for certain
you will Wonder where it come from
and you will tell your friends about it

The same goes for attraction, unless you appear to be a flying car you might not succeed in attracting people to you.

Impressing the interested

Once you manage to attract attention you can go on with the next step which is displaying your best qualities to the other person indirectly so that you impress them. People hate those who show off and prefer to discover your good qualities on their own.

Don't show off directly, just give them clues and let them discover the rest on their own. Once a person becomes impressed you can then start showing up often until they get used to your presence then disappear all of a sudden for few days.

if the person started missing you then congrats for you have successfully attracted them to you.

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