Why am i bored with life (boredom explained)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why am i bored with life (boredom explained)

Ever wondered why things that used to be very interesting seem boring now?
Do you remember the excitement you felt the first time you started using a computer or browsing the internet?
Why do you feel bored now even though you are doing the things that used to make you excited?

The answer is simple, its all about relative experience!!

This is why you are bored with your life

A study has shown that men find their wives less attractive right after watching charlies angles on TV. This happens because our minds always compares our new life experiences to our past life experiences.

This means that you might get bored of something that used to be exciting just because you have been through something that is more exciting.

This also explains why little children seem to be excited about almost everything. Because they don't have any past life experience everything seems new and exciting.

Moreover, it was found that a person might rate his old friends more positively right after being treated in a bad way by a stranger. For example if someone you just met betrayed you then you will rate your old friends in a more positive way even though they did nothing good to you.

Your friends were considered OK but after someone did a terrible thing they will became angels compared to him!!

The same goes for boredom, the more you experience different new things that are exciting the less exciting will your old habits become.

Unmet needs and boredom in life

Is there something you could never get bored of?
Yes there is !!

As long as you have unmet needs you are never going to get bored when trying to fulfill them. For example you can easily get bored of food if you were not Hungry but if you were really hungry then food will become very interesting.

Your unmet needs might be social, financial, material or spiritual. As long as those needs aren't met you will never get bored of the things that help you satisfy them. The reason many people feel bored in life is that they never go after the things that can help them satisfy their important needs.

By doing this you won't only be combating boredom but you will also be improving your mood. In my Depression book i explained how the key to real happiness is solving your unsolved problems and fulfilling your unmet needs.

If for example your unmet needs were social then you will never get bored of any activity that allows you to make new friends. Unlike physical needs, unmet emotional needs require a lot of time and effort to be met and so they can keep you busy for a while.

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