why do i feel bored and why do i find some things boring?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why do i feel bored

Why do we sometimes feel bored?
Why do we find some tasks completely uninteresting?
Can boredom be understood?

The good news is that boredom ,just like any other emotion, is a message your subconscious mind sends you in order to motivate you to take a certain action. In this article i will explain why do we sometimes feel bored and i will tell you how to get over boredom.

Why do we find something boring?

A recent research has shown that people only become interested in the things that can help them achieve the goals they are currently after.

Two groups of people were brought and were asked to make a choice between a amount of money that can buy 3 cigarette packs and 3 cigarette packs.

Before the experiment the first group was tempted someway so that they become in need of smoking. The result was that most of those who were tempted choose the cigarette packs instead of the money. (see Why do people smoke cigarettes)

This shows that people who wanted to smoke (short term goal) became interested in Cigarettes and found money boring!!!

So why are you bored?

This brings us to an important conclusion. if you are doing any action that is not 100% aligned with your goals then you will find this action boring. After all the first group could have took the money and used it to buy cigarettes but looks like the human mind seeks the shortest possible path to achieve its goals and if it didn't find it then it becomes bored.

Now the questions you should ask yourself are, what are my goals?
and are my actions aligned with my goals?

find out the things that would lead you to your goals and you won't become bored while doing them.

now what if you don't have any goals? simply you will become bored all the time!!
so the first step to overcoming boredom is to set goals and the second step is to do the actions that will help you achieve those goals.

Finding you boring

In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how you should never feel bad if someone got bored while talking to you simply because it has nothing to do with your personality but its all about the other person's goals.

Some people feel really bad when someone who accompanies them yawns because they believe that they are boring but after understanding the facts i just said it should be clear that if the person found that he can't meet his goals by being with you then he will feel bored even if you are not a boring person (see What causes yawning).

For example, If someone wants to go to the beach and get a tan then most probably listening to any of your stories would be considered boring to him simply because it won't help him achieve his current goal.

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