Are you worried about the future?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

are you worried About The Future?

Are you always worried about your future?
Do you always think about upcoming events?
Do you feel afraid of the future?

If your answers were yes then don’t worry because in this article i will tell you how to deal with such negative thoughts so that you can stop being worried about your future.

Reasons that make you feel worried

The main reason you feel worried is that you are not sure about the outcome of certain events. Feelings of loss of control or helplessness might be the real reason behind your worries.

This means that if you found a way to feel more in control you will certainly feel less worried about the future. The good new is that there is a simple task that you can do right now and that can prevent you from feeling anxious or worried about your future. This task is planning for the future.

How planning can reduce your worries

A plan in simple words is a set of actions that you should follow in order to reach your important life goals.

Whether these goals were short term or long term goals they will make you feel that you are much more in control and so your worries will be reduced.

You might be wondering how can something as simple as writing a plan reduce your worries. In fact when you start to write a plan your subconscious mind changes its attitude about future events.

Instead of feeling that you are afraid you will feel in control. Instead of feeling helpless you will feel that you are in charge. Instead of feeling that you are running you will feel that you are a conqueror who has important goals to finish.

what if life didn't go according to my plans?

Off course life might sometimes bring you unexpected evens that affect your plan in a bad way. Your plan must be realistic enough so that it helps you get over the life difficulties you are going to face. For example you can't plan to achieve all of your goals from the first attempt because that certainly will result in disappointment.

Them more flexible your plan is the less likely you will feel down when unexpected events happen.

One good method you can use to deal with an unexpected life event that may threaten your goals is crisis management. Crisis management is the art of taking into consideration the bad scenarios that might happen so that you become prepared to face them.

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