definition of crisis management

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

definition of crisis management

If Goal setting is planning for the events that you want them to happen then crisis management is planning for the events that you don't want them to happen.

Crisis management is the act of planning for crisis and unexpected situations by forecasting bad scenarios that could happen and then suggesting a solution to each one of them.

The benefit of crisis management Is that it prepares you to the bad event so that when it happens you don’t panic nor give an emotional decision.

the importance of crisis management

Imagine that you suddenly lost your job, what will you do?
If you didn't have a crisis management plan then most likely you are going to feel anxious and worried. On the other hand if you had a backup plan then your response to this crisis will be much better.

The following are some examples of situations that show the need for crisis management.

  • your hard disk failed and you lost all of your data
  • sudden unexpected illness
  • Building went on fire
  • losing your job
  • failing to meet a goal

crisis management and depression

One of the main reasons ambitious people get depressed is that they usually have big goals to go after. If they failed to achieve these big goals then they usually end up depressed.

The beauty about crisis management is that it enables you to face uncertainties and unexpected events without losing your control.

Of course having a crisis management plan wont prevent you from feeling bad when something bad happens but it will at least prevent you from feeling lost and reduce the chance of depression.

Crisis management and anxiety

Do you know why we worry?
we usually worry or feel anxious when we don't believe we have a good backup plan to follow in case something goes wrong.

Lets suppose you were worried about losing your job. How will it feel like if you had a backup plan that can allow you to find a job in 2 weeks.

Will you ever worry about losing your job? No, your worries will become minimal. In other words crisis management can help you feel less anxious in case you had backup plans in place.

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