How to overcome agoraphobia (treatment methods)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to overcome agoraphobia

contrary to common beliefs agoraphobia is not the fear of going out or of open places but agoraphobia is the disorder that makes the person feel anxious about getting a panic attack in a place where he cannot get help.

That's why agoraphobics avoid public places and may stay at home for prolonged periods. One fact you must know is that staying at a place where the agoraphobic thinks that he is in control prevents him from feeling anxious and that's the first point that can help you in overcoming your agoraphobia.

Agoraphobia treatment

Lets suppose that each time you touched an electronic device you got an electric shock, will you touch it again?

Of course not your mind will prevent you from doing that action because it knows that it will harm you. If each time you touched an electronic device you got an electrical shock you might develop a phobia of electronic devices.

Phobias are methods of protection your mind uses in order to help you avoid something that appears dangerous even if its not.

But what does all this has to do with Agoraphobia?
If your mind believes that going out of your house is really dangerous it might use agoraphobia to help you avoid this danger.

Here are some real life examples that might result in Agoraphobia:

  • Agoraphobia as a method of protection: There was a lady who always had the fear of being cheated on and because she was sure that her husband was going to do it one day her mind came up with a brilliant plan which is to develop a disorder that would force her husband to stay beside her at home all day such as Agoraphobia!!
  • Agoraphobia as a method of escapement: An old man who used to be the middle child developed Agoraphobia since his childhood. Since that guy was the middle child he always felt unloved as his younger and elder brothers used to get all the attention of his parents. When that child grew up into an old man he was afraid of losing the attention battle once again in school or at work and that's why his subconscious mind tried to save him by developing Agoraphobia

I am not claiming that these are the only reasons for Agoraphobia but what i am trying to do is to let you understand how your mind can work against you in order to save you and many of the psychological disorders people suffer from can be rooted to the subconscious mind's attempt to help them.

dealing with agoraphobia and treatment methods

In many cases understanding the root cause behind the agoraphobia can help in quick recovery and in the success of the treatments methods.

Agoraphobia can be treated using Systematic desensitization along with cognitive behavior therapy. The first is a method of therapy involving learning how to relax and control your emotions while facing your fears while the second is a method of therapy that can help you control your thoughts which are in turn the main cause of your emotions.

The links below will help you understand these treatment methods in a better way so that you can use them to treat agoraphobia.

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