Fear of people phobia

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Fear of people phobia

why do some people fear others?
Social phobia or social anxiety is quite common among people these days and it prevents people from living a happy life. Such a problem doesn't only make the person fear people but it might lead him to avoid social situations all together.

Human beings are social by nature, if they don't connect with others they die so how come are there some people who fear interacting with other people??

In this article i will tell you more about that kind of phobia and give you some insight on the reasons you might be fearing people for.

Your Fear of people is related to your past

Someone i know fears people and social interactions. She is phobic to meeting new people and she dreads public speeches. When i got to know her more i discovered that when she was a child she felt that her parents preferred her younger brother over her.

Since our childhood experiences determine how we interact with the world later on she grew up thinking that someone is always going to be preferred over her and thus she decided to withdraw and to avoid people.

Her fear of people and her social phobia were nothing more than means of protection to help her avoid the situation that happened to her when she was a child.

Of course that's only one example and you might be fearing people for a different reason but the concept will remain the same. Something happened in your past that you are trying to avoid once again.

For example, In the Solid Self confidence program i said that some people fear others because they have a low self esteem and thus don't want others to evaluate them. As a result of growing up in an unhealthy environment those people lost trust in themselves and started fearing people to protect their self worth.

How can you get over the fear of people phobia

So how can you get over such a phobia?
here are the practical steps:

  • You need to examine your past: The first step to get over fear of people is to examine your past and find out what happened. You might not be able to do this on your own so feel free to contact me about that.
  • Fix your beliefs: Lets suppose that you found that the reason you fear people was being neglected when you were a child. At this point you must get rid of the limiting beliefs you acquired and replace them with healthy ones. By building self esteem, knowing that what happened to you wasn't your fault and that a bad thing that happened in the past doesn't mean that a similar bad thing will happen in the future you will feel even better
  • Gradual controlled exposure: Getting over the fear of people is similar to getting over any other phobia. Without gradually exposing yourself to the feared situation your fears will grow and you won't be able to get over your phobia.

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