How to treat psychological disorders

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to treat psychological disorders

How to treat psychological disorders?
Before i can answer this question let me first tell you what i mean by a psychological disorder.

A psychological disorder isn't necessary something like schizophrenia or depression but its any abnormal behavior that is preventing the person from living his normal life. Excessive shyness, compulsive lying and excessive showing off are considered psychological disorders that need to be treated.

In short, If the behavior started to affect the person's life negatively then we can call it a psychological disorder. For example If excessive shyness is preventing someone from approaching people then we can call it a psychological disorder that needs treatment.

In this article i will tell you how to treat psychological disorders.

Psychological disorders causes and treatment

Before you can treat a psychological disorder you first need to find out where it comes from. All abnormal behaviors people do are in fact actions that make a lot of sense to them and that help them maintain their psychological balance.

During childhood we all go through different experiences and then come up with conclusions about ourselves and about life. If something wrong happened along the way then a psychological disorder will be developed. For example if the parents of a child used to neglect him then he might grow up as an adult who feels worthless and inferior.

This psychological disorder that was developed forces the child to act superior through out his life just to erase the effect of what happened to him earlier in his life.

Its hard to treat a psychological disorder before you find out when and why it was developed. Another example for the development of a psychological disorder is the spoiled child who is given everything he asks for and then grows up to become an adult who is overly dependent on others.

This child usually finds himself afraid to take risks, unable to live on his own and sometimes selfish to a great extent. The key to treating such psychological disorders is to find out how they occurred then to work on reversing their effect.

So how can psychological disorders be treated?

Adults spend their lives trying to do things that helps them attain psychological balance. The criminal who attacks innocent people just for the pleasure of doing it might have felt inferior as a child and is thus doing so to feel superior.

In order to treat a psychological disorder you need to let the person see the full picture. You need to let him discover that his current actions are a result of what happened to him earlier in his life.

For some people knowing the root cause of their actions can be the treatment of the disorder as they discover that they were fooling themselves since a long time. For example the psychological disorder of perfectionism is usually treated as soon as the person discovers that he was using perfectionism to cover his feelings of inferiority.

For others you have to show them that their current behavior will never let them achieve the psychological balance they are after. If you managed to make that criminal discover that no one thinks that he is superior or intelligent then his behavior will change completely and he will search for another way to attain this balance.

If you then managed to direct him to another useful behavior that can help him attain his psychological goal then you can confidently say that you treated his psychological disorder.

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