Psychological reasons for bedwetting

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Psychological reasons for bedwetting

What are the psychological reasons for bedwetting?
We all know that there might be some physical disorders that can cause betwetting but why would an adult who never had this problem suddenly develops it without having any physical problems?

There are certain psychological reasons for bedwetting especially for adults who already learned how to not wet their beds. In this article i will tell you about these reasons.

The psychological reasons for bedwetting

In my previous articles i said that a person could unconsciously develop a physical disorder in order to maintain his psychological balance, and bedwetting is no different case. (see Why do we get sick)

One common cause for bed wetting is being dethroned by a new sibling. The child who was the center of attention and who suddenly lost this attention because of his new born brother might start wetting his bed.

By doing so the child is unconsciously sending a message to his parents telling them that he still needs attention and that he is not that old yet.

So bed wetting can be a cry for help that is unconsciously made by the child.
Another psychological cause for bed wetting is wanting to achieve an imaginary sense of superiority over the family. As soon as the parents discover the bed wetting problem they all focus on the child and start serving him which helps him regain the feelings of superiority.

Helping someone stop bedwetting

While these weren't the only psychological reasons for bedwetting still the concept will always be the same. Bedwetting is usually a cry for help the child uses to achieve a certain goal or to maintain his psychological balance.

Trying to help the person stop bedwetting without understanding the underlying psychological reasons would be a waste of time. If for example the child was jealous of his brother then treating this jealousy will stop the bedwetting problem else it will persist for as long as the jealousy is present.

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