Facebook addiction Psychology

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Facebook addition psychology

Are you addicted to Facebook?
Do you check Facebook as soon as you wake up before doing anything else?
Do you spend many hours on Facebook each day?
Do you check your Facebook every half an hour?

If you answered these questions with yes then most probably you are a Facebook addict.
In this article i will tell you about Facebook addiction Psychology also tell you how to get over facebook Addiction.

The psychology of Facebook Addiction

Facebook addiction is not a problem on its own but its an indication that there is another problem somewhere else. According to the psychology of bad habits its almost impossible to break a habit before the root cause behind it is found.

If you tried to reduce your Facebook addiction without knowing why exactly you are addicted to it then you will never succeed.

Now lets examine some psychological reasons behind the addiction of Facebook.
A person could be addicted to Facebook because it makes him feel good about himself. After all when people write on his wall and try to friend him he feels more important.

Other people become addicted to Facebook because of Ego related reasons. A person might try to grow his friend list to show everyone that he is popular or that he is demanded.

A third person might be addicted to facebook because he is too shy to talk to people in real life and so he feels more comfortable living in his virtual world. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that many of our bad habits act as covers that hide behind them the true psychological problems we are suffering from.

Those were just few examples of the hundreds of the psychological reasons behind Facebook addiction. Even if all the reasons appear different still one thing is common between them all which is the presence of a certain psychological drive behind the addiction.

How to get over Facebook addiction?

After you understood the psychology of facebook addiction its time to learn how to get over it.

Before you can get over Facebook addiction you need to sort out the specific psychological reasons that are causing your addiction. Note that you might be addicted to facebook because of more than one psychological reason and not necessary one only.

Now lets suppose that you discovered that you check your facebook whenever you feel bored then in such a case you need to learn how to understand the psychology of boredom and learn how to reduce boredom in your life because facebook addiction in this case is just a symptom of the bigger problem which is boredom.

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