Why do criminals reoffend

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why do criminals reoffend

Why do criminals reoffend?
Why would someone commit the same crime few months after he is released from jail?
Ever wondered what would force someone to re-offend even though his crime doesn't involve stealing or getting revenge?

Statistics show that more than 50 percent of people who are released from jail reoffend within few months. Why can't reformation programs stop those people? and why would someone turn into a serial criminal for no apparent reason?

In this post i will tell you why do criminals re-offend.

Reasons why criminals re-offend

In my article How to understand human behavior i said that any behavior that appears weird from the outside is actually done by the person to achieve an important psychological goal.

The act of committing a crime follows the same exact rule. The criminal commits his crime in order to achieve psychological balance by achieving a certain psychological goal. Now if the criminal was caught he will still do his best to achieve his goal and so he will reoffend in the next possible opportunity.

Let me give you an example that would make things clear, some criminals commit crimes because of wanting to feel superior to others. Now if they got caught the psychological goal of becoming superior is never achieved and so they re-offend in order to achieve their goal.

If a child was raised in such a way that resulted in making him feel inferior and if he lacked social interest or powerful religious beliefs then he might find that the best way to achieve his goal of superiority is becoming a criminal. This person will keep re-offending as long as he is breathing because that helps him become psychologically balanced.

How to prevent criminals from re-offending

If you want to prevent someone from doing a certain behavior then you must understand the psychological goal he is trying to achieve by doing this behavior then help him achieve that goal in another way.

A teen who smokes to feel like a man will never stop smoking if his parents tried to prevent him by force because taking the cigarette from him is like preventing him from being a man.

In order to prevent criminals from re-offending their psychological goals must be properly understood then someone should help them reach these goals in another ways. As soon as an alternative is presented the criminal will adhere to it and lose his urge to commit crimes.

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