Striving for superiority

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Striving for superiority

Why do people strive for superiority?
When and how such a drive is created?

Alfred Adler the famous psychologist once said that all children feel inferior in a way or another as the result of being surrounded by more capable adults. As a result those children strive for superiority in order to maintain their psychological balance.

However not every child is raised in the same conditions and as a result some child develop a more intense need for striving for superiority. For example the youngest child always feels weak compared to his older siblings and that's why he usually develops extreme ambition and a more powerful drive for striving for superiority.

The different forms for striving for superiority

One of the things you must be aware of is that while so many people strive for superiority they all do it in different ways. Both the nerd and the problem child in school could be striving for superiority in their own way, while the first tries to do is by achieving full marks the second does it by disobeying teachers and breaking rules.

I said earlier that the direction the person is moving towards is a perfect clue about the things he wants to run away from. If someone excelled at collecting money and became very rich in a very short period of time then make sure that he is too afraid of financial insecurity.

This means that whenever someone strives for superiority it always means that he is escaping from some kind of insecurity or inferiority. A man who doubts his masculinity might become very dominating and aggressive just to assert the things he is not sure of.

When striving for superiority goes wrong

Some criminals commit crimes because that's the only way they found to feel superior to others. By attacking weaker victims, letting others fear them and becoming dangerous those criminals achieve the goal of feeling superior.

Some people become overly critical and sarcastic in order to feel superior to their friends. By putting everyone down they manage to maintain their feelings of superiority at least for few moments.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that Some people strive for superiority by becoming arrogant and by devaluing others. Many of those who judge others do it just to lower the value of others and so raise their own value.

After you saw the many forms of striving for superiority what do you think will happen if someone didn't manage to find a way to feel superior even though he is in need of it? Simply that person will become depressed without knowing why.

Trying to heal that person with medication is like giving water to someone who is very hungry. We need to help that person realize his need for striving for superiority and then help him deal with it correctly so that his depression goes away.

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