Clothing and positive self image

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

clothing and positive self image

Have you noticed that you feel more confident when wearing new clothes?
Have you noticed that you feel that you are looking better when you wear your favorite shirt?
What’s happening here? And how can clothes affect your self image?
The answer is simple; the mind considers clothes an additional part of your body.

how does your mind perceive clothes

The shocking truth about your mind is that it considers your clothes as an additional extension to your body. If you did wear something that looks bad then the mental self image you have in your mind will be bad until you wear something else and on the contrary wearing something that looks good will make your mind load a positive self image until you take these clothes off.

That’s why you may feel more confident when wearing some clothes while feel less confident while wearing other ones.

The mental self image is the image you have for yourself in your mind and if for any reason that self image become distorted you might think that you are ugly even if you are not.

how to use this to your side

After knowing these facts you can make use of this information to improve your self image by always picking up good clothes that suits you.

Never wear something that you don’t like or that you have doubts about. if you have some important event like a presentation or a job interview then wear your best clothes. This will help you improve your self image right before that event and so you will feel more confident while you are there.

Many people think about plastic surgery because they are not satisfied with their looks without understanding the fact that the problem could only be with their mental self image and not with their looks.

Some people even report feeling no different at all after undergoing surgery. This usually happens because the problem was initially with their mental image and not their real looks.

Self image and lack of self confidence

Many people who have a self image problem lack self confidence because of believing that others wont like their looks. Those people perform poorly during social interactions because of being conscious about their looks all the time.

When those people manage to fix their self image problem they start to become more confident.

In short, if you have a self image problem then forget about clothes for now and work on fixing that problem! in most cases people can come to love their looks after discovering that they used to see a distorted mental image in their minds!

When that image is fixed you will feel confident around others and your social relations will improve as a result.

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