Dress For Confidence

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Your Self Confidence Levels Differ according To Your Clothes

Have you noticed that your self confidence levels differ according to the clothes you wear?
Have you noticed that when you wear a certain shirt you tend to become more self confident?

Your Self Confidence is strongly related to your self image which is the mental image you have for yourself in your mind.

Fortunately your subconscious mind does not differentiate between your body parts and the clothes you wear and so it considers clothes an extension to your body.

The result is that your self image differs according to the clothes you wear and so does your self confidence. Want to know how to make use of this fact? Then read further

Dress for Confidence

Our subconscious minds won’t be able to tell whether these are parts of our bodies or whether these are our clothes and so we can use this information to our side by altering our self images so that we become more confident. Here are some methods for doing it:

  • I am Growing Bigger: Some people feel more confident in winter than in summer. This usually happens when the person is slim. At the summer he doesn’t feel satisfied with his self image but when it comes to winter he wears bigger clothes and so his subconscious mind believes that he grew bigger!! In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how such feelings can be reduced by wearing heavy clothes, this will be enough to convince your subconscious mind that you are no longer slim.
  • Tight Vs Loose: I Am not talking about tight clothes but what I am talking about is the feeling you get when your clothes are firmly stretched over your body. Usually the more this feeling is present the more confident the person will be. The feeling does not have to span the whole body but only a few places will do it. For example, your foot, if you wear laced shoes then make sure you tie your show lace firmly so that you feel a little pressure on your foot. If you can buy clothes with tight sleeves this would be great, you will experience the feeling at the end of your sleeve near your wrist and this will be enough to raise yourself confidence. One other item is your belt; make sure your belt is a little tight. Again this works with slim people because the more they feel that their clothes are tight the more their subconscious minds will think that they became muscular.
  • My Face Is Growing!!: People with slim faces usually experience more fear than broad faced people (see face reading for more information) . I am sure you have noticed that almost all carnivores have broad faces (lions, wolves, bears..etc) compared to rabbits or giraffes for example. Part of the courage the lion has comes from its broad face because there is a connection between courage, confidence and face width. Now the good thing is, even if your face is not broad you can fool your subconscious mind by growing your hair longer, usually this will make your subconscious mind think that your face became border and so you will feel more confident. Wearing a scarf will also do the same the thing
  • Go Against the Latest Fashion: Remember that your self image is highly sensitive to changes in your clothes and that’s why you should be very picky when choosing your clothes. The latest fashion may not always be suitable for you and so it could damage your self confidence. The bottom line is choose your clothes wisely.

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