The Iceberg Concept

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

poor self image and the Iceberg concept

Have you ever seen an iceberg, even in pictures??
I am sure that the main thing that caught your attention about it was that ninety
percent of its mass was below the surface of the water while only ten percent of it was visible to the eye.

The same exactly goes to your looks and personality. Ninety percent of the real you should be invisible while only 10 percent ,which represent your looks, are visible to people.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

The next thing you need to understand about beauty is that its in the eye of the beholder and that each person has different beauty standards than others.

There is no universal agreement on certain beauty standards. Throughout the years people's ideas of beauty were shaped according to their own culture.

So considering yourself ugly may be incorrect even if you dislike your looks.
Based on these facts some people may like your looks even if you dislike them. Each person just has his own beauty standards set in his mind.

A person may think that you are good looking while another might think the opposite because of his own background and culture.

Why you should feel good even if you dislike your looks

I have said earlier that people become attracted to those who remind them of their parents if they were on good terms with them. This means that if a girl loves her father and found that you look like him then she will find you attractive.

The opposite might happen if that girl was on bad terms with her father, in that case this girl might think that you are not attractive at all.

Just as you saw people might rate you according to their own inner systems and that doesn't mean by any means that you are not attractive.

The way you see yourself

Sometimes the main reason a person feels bad about his looks is that he sees himself in a different way than the way others see him. No am not talking about a perception error this time but am just referring to the different opinion the person might have which could make him find himself unattractive.

In other words, you could be disliking your facial features just because your preferences differ from others and this doesn't necessary mean that others won't find you attractive.

That's why learning to love your looks is one of the key factors that can help you feel good about yourself. Once satisfaction comes from within you won't care about the opinion of others.

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