Do people care about looks?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Falling in love with someone who cares about looks

If you fell in love with someone who cares a lot about looks and if you think that you don't look good then here is what you should do.

First of all before i tell you whether people care about looks or not you must first make sure that you don't suffer from a self image problem. A self image problem is a personality disorder that makes the person think that he is not attractive even if he was good looking.

If you doubt you have a self image problem then read this guide before you continue. How to get over self image issues.

According to NLP some people have a visual representation system. Those people care much about looks and usually their decision making process is affected by this fact.

Those people may not try a certain type of food because it does not look good and they may choose their mobile phone or car based on its looks rather than its specifications or quality.

Who else cares about looks

Some researches say that people fall in love with those who are as attractive as them while in fact that's only partially true. Only when you define the word attractive you will be able to understand this statement well.

For a certain person attractiveness might be financial success, for another person attractiveness might be kindness while for a third person attractiveness might be a hot looking blond.

People are not the same and in fact most attractive people won't be attracted to looks as much as they are attracted to other things because a part of human nature is compensating for what they lack.

What do to when dealing with people who care about looks

There are many things you can do to appeal to a person who has a visual representation system. First of all you must choose clothes that make you look good and You must care about your appearance all the time else you will turn that person off.

If one day you had to wear untidy clothes or you didn't manage to look good then you'd better avoid him.

I know this sounds superficial but when you think about it from a psychological point of view it makes a lot of sense. That person can change his mind about something if it doesn't look good and so it makes a lot of sense to be in your best form when meeting him.

Psychology of people who care about looks

People who have self image problems might care about looks more than other people. Attention seekers will also give looks a higher priority when attempting to search for a relationship partner (of course there can be exceptions)

People who have inflated egos might also care much about looks because of thinking that they deserve the best.

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