I Dont like the looks of my face features

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do you dislike any of your face features?

Do you hate your big lips?
Do you wish that your nose was a little smaller?
Do you dislike any of your face features?

Face features and the hidden advantages

Some people feel bad or even get depressed because they don’t like any of their face features. Whether it’s their nose, lips or the whole face shape those people just wish that they looked different ( see poor self image for more info.

But the mistake those people made is that they hated the face feature without knowing the advantage of having it.

Do you know that people who have big noses hate to receive orders, like to be their own bosses and like to make big contributions instead of doing minor tasks? These are not just encouraging words, these are the some of the information you will learn when you start to read about face reading.

Face reading and face features

Face reading is the science that can help you know someone’s personality from his face features. By knowing more about the advantages of your face features that you don’t like you may start to love your big nose or your big lips.

You will discover that having such features might means that you have some advantages over other people who don’t have them. My advice is to go now and learn about face reading in order to learn how to love your face features and who knows you may end up feeling proud that you look that way.

If you still insist on changing your looks then read this article ( natural ways for changing looks).

Face features and beauty standards

There are no universal beauty standards. Yes all people might love the look of a famous celebrity but still most of them will have their own personal preferences for beauty that are based on their past experiences.

Studies found that people build their preferences for physical attractiveness based on the experiences they go through in addition to their biological nature. In some tribes heavy women are preferred over skinny women. In another tribe women with the longest necks are the ones who are considered more attractive.

In other words, people see physical attractiveness differently depending on many factors including the culture. If someone doesn't like your looks then this doesn't mean that you are ugly but it only means that you didn't match the database he built as a result of the experiences he has been through.

Its wrong to hate the looks of your face features even if they weren't matching the beauty standards of the culture you were raised in. You will still have fans because people are different!!

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