Face Reading (personology): Lips

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Face reading and lips

Is your personality connected to your lip shape or size?
According to face reading you can determine a person's personality from his facial features with a good accuracy.

Before you can master face reading you first need to learn how to pay special attention to facial features so that you can recognize the difference between the different types of ears, lips, eyes, chins...etc.

Once you do that you can then learn face reading. If you want to start from the beginning then use the link below to reach the face reading main page. In this article i will tell you about the significance of the size of lips and their shape in determining personality

Face Reading (personology): Lip size

  • Big lips in face reading: A person with big lips tends to be very talkative and will hardly ever be silent. This person likes to talk a lot and to tell stories. he provides very good company when present in a group but if that person wasn't accompanied with good listeners then people may end up feeling irritated and annoyed of his continuous talking. When you want to ask for directions in the street pick someone with big lips because he will give you the full details
  • Small lips in face reading: A person with small lips tends to be less talkative. He tends to keep his private life away from others and may hide his inner emotions and feelings. He can also hold on to secrets for years, unlike the guy who has big lips who can hardly hold a secret (unless of course he's bound by some strong influencing force like religion for example) A thin lipped person may be very cautious and not an adventure-lover.
  • Balanced lip: Because human beings are different you can't categorize every person you meet under the two major categories of big lips or small lips but instead you will find many people falling in between the two large categories. The more the person is close to one of these categories the more likely he will have the personality traits associated with it

Face reading, lip size and personality

Face reading is not a simple science. Trying to judge a person by just taking a quick look into one of his features such as lips might result in less accurate readings.

In order to make the best out of face reading you must learn how to look at all face features together instead of just looking at each one of them separately.

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