Face Reading (personology): Ear Shape

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How accurate is face reading

Face reading can help you determine many of the personality traits people have by just taking a look at their faces. While face reading is simple to apply still it takes a lot of training and practice before you can mange to use it well.

There are some little mistakes that people who are new to face reading usually do and as a result they get less accurate results.

For example one of the mistakes people make when applying face reading is look at the facial feature alone without taking into consideration the other features. Sometimes two features can assert the presence of a certain personality trait while in other cases certain facial features can restrict the effect of others.

In order to make sure you get good results with face reading make sure you look at the whole face and not just a single feature.

Face Reading (personology) and Ear Shape:

  • Big ears in face reading: If you have went far enough in face reading then you won't have any problem guessing that a good listener is more likely to have bigger ears than the one who hates to listen. If your friend has big ears then most likely he is a good listener. You can get along with that person perfectly if you have big lips (which shows that you talkative).

  • small ears, in face reading: On the other hand a person with small ears may become overwhelmed if you talked a lot. If for example you were his manager and you had to give him instructions then make sure it's as brief as possible else he may get bored. Note that you can use body language to know if the person you are talking to is interested or not.
  • Ears sticking out: Some people have ears sticking out. According to face readings those people are non conformists who don't like to stick to rules or regulations. This doesn't mean that they are bad people because a person's personality is also affected by his values and beliefs. If their beliefs motivated them to conform to certain rules (for example religion) then they will certainly do it
  • Ears that are not sticking out If the ears are not sticking out at all then this person is a conformist who have no problems sticking to rules or regulations at all.

How to get accurate face reading

Face reading is not a simple science. You can't just judge a person based on one facial feature because the human personality is too complex.

Instead you need to learn how to look for more than one feature together in order to be able to know more about a person. For example if someone has small ears i can assume that he hates to listen but if that person had small ears and in the same time had big lips then certainly i can guess that he only loves to talk and hates to listen.

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