I need to talk to a doctor

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Does talking to someone really make people feel better

There is no doubt that talking to people about your problems will help you feel better, get rid of your suppressed emotions and reduce the feelings of loneliness you have however contrary to common beliefs talking to someone can make you feel even worse if you didn’t choose the right person.

Talking to the wrong people can increase your bad feelings

  • People Can program you:Lots of people have false beliefs about life. They think that life is unfair, that its not possible to live the life they want or that its not possible to succeed. If you tried to talk to one of those people about your problems he will probably try to convince you to believe in his own belief system. Since our minds can be programmed by repetition many of us may fall prey to this programming and as a result develop similar false beliefs.
  • Watch out for the negative energy: I am sure you have noticed that being around a depressed friend can alter your mood even if he didn’t talk about his problems. If you tried to talk to someone who is feeling bad, facing a tough time or a severe depression he might transfer to you some of his negative energy and you may end up feeling worse
  • Show me your map: Each one of us has got his own map of the world. If you asked a friend who were cheated on many times before about the behavior of your wife he might tell you “She is the cheater, they are all the same”. People give advice, think of life and judge others based on their own past experiences and that’s why talking to someone with a bad past experience might make you feel worse.
  • Wisdom: in tough times you don’t just need a close friend who can understand your feelings but you need someone who is wise enough not to give you an advise that can cause you pain. Lots of our friends and relatives lack wisdom and even though they want to help they unintentionally give wrong advice that worsen our problems.

I need to talk to a doctor

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