Emotional intelligence explained. Examples of emotional intelligence

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Emotional intelligence explained. Examples of emotional intelligence

If you visited 100 different websites talking about emotional intelligence you will discover that each one of them explains it in a different way.

Emotional intelligence is a board topic and that's why the best way to explain it is by giving examples that can make it clear.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to properly monitor and manage your emotions in an intelligent way in order not to let them take over you or to affect your decision making process. Emotional intelligence is also the ability to know or to understand the emotions of others in order to know the reasons behind their behaviour and so be able to better communicate with them.

Emotional intelligence explanation and examples

Here are some examples for Emotional intelligence :

  • understanding your emotions: How come you want to learn how to manage your emotions before understanding them? Understating your emotions is the first step towards becoming emotionally intelligent
  • Thinking rationally about the emotion before taking an action:Emotional decisions usually result in taking incorrect actions. For example being angry can motivate you to do something that you regret later. By thinking rationally before acting you will become more emotionally intelligent
  • putting yourself in the shoes of others: Emotional intelligence also involves putting yourself in the shoes of others so that you can find an excuse for their behaviour. For example, if you were a manager and one employee was not working hard then it wont be emotionally intelligent to directly assume that he is lazy or not keen to work but instead you should examine his case closer to know if there are other reasons behind it. Maybe you find that he is afraid to make mistakes or maybe you find that he lacks self confidence in his abilities.

Lack of emotional intelligence can result in depression and in feeling bad all the time. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how depression cannot be cured unless the root cause that caused it is dealt with. Without emotional intelligence you might deal with the wrong issues without paying attention to the real ones that are the reason behind your depression.

Emotional intelligence examples

Two people had a fight with their boss at work. One of them was emotionally intelligent and the other wasn't.

On returning to their homes the first, who wasn't emotionally intelligent, started shouting at his children. This guy acted based on his emotions without thinking about them in an emotionally intelligent way.

when the second person returned home and found that the kids were noisy he just told himself, “well, why should I shout at the kids, they are not the ones to blame for my feelings, they always make that loud noise while playing. The main reason i am feeling bad is because of my boss”

That person recognized his emotions, thought about them, then acted in an emotionally intelligent way.

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