How to increase my intelligence level

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Intelligence definition

Intelligence is the ability to learn quickly, organize information, adapt to your environment, make the right decisions and solve your problems.

Intelligence can be dived into three steps: the first step is receiving the input correctly from the external sources, the second is organizing this input properly and the third is making the right conclusion based on the collected facts.

The good news is that your intelligence levels can be increased if you took some actions and that's what i am going to tell you about in this article.

Do we inherit intelligence? Are genes responsible for intelligence levels??

Intelligence is dependent on both your genes and the environmental factors you are subjected to. Even though you can do nothing about your genes still you can alter the environmental factors in order to become more intelligent.

how to increase your intelligence levels

The following are the actions you should take if you want to increase you intelligence levels:

  • Increase you knowledge: If a big part of intelligence is organizing information and making conclusions then how come do you want to become intelligent without having any information to organize!! The more you read and learn the more information you will have and the more intelligent decisions you will make
  • Enhance your brain Connections: You can enhance your brain connections by learning a complex skill or by playing complex games such as chess. The more you enhance your brain connections the more intelligent you will become .
  • Accompany intelligent people: do you know that patterns of thinking can be learned? The more you accompany intelligent people the more likely you will be able to grasp their way of thinking and the more intelligent you will become.
  • Develop emotional intelligence: under the effect of emotions people usually make emotional decisions that are far from being intelligent. by learning about emotional intelligence you will be able to learn how to control your emotions and prevent them from getting involved into your decision making process
  • Food affects your brain activity: Caffeine can you make you more mentally alert and can improve concentration. This improves the processing power of your brain and can help you make more intelligent decisions. A cup of coffee would be very helpful when you need to use the full capability of your mind. On the other side sugar and carbohydrates can make you less alert and can negatively affect your thinking process.
  • Provide more oxygen to the brain: When you breath deeper more oxygen reaches the brain and your ability to think is enhanced. Do you know why some people forget what they are about to say when doing a presentation? its because fear prevents them from breathing properly and so their minds have less processing power.

    Exercising can also help in increasing the oxygen reaching the brain which can help you make more intelligent decisions. Try to exercise then work or study right after it and you will notice the great improvement in your brain functions yourself

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