How to solve life problems

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to solve life problems

how to solve life problems?
and Why do some problems never seem to have a solution?

I am sure you tried hard to make your life better and did your best to solve your problems but still found that things aren't going the way you wanted them to go.

In my article Why cant i find happiness I explained that real happiness is found when you solve your life problems or at least the most important ones.

The more unsolved problems you have the less happy you will become and the more likely will your life become bad and unbearable. That's why i decided to write this post to tell you how to solve life problems.

Why do people fail to solve life problems?

Whether its a relationship problem, a work related problem or any other problem most people usually do the same mistake when trying to solve it.

The common scenario that happens is that the person tries to solve the problem with his current resources (his level of knowledge, his experience..etc) then gives up when he fails.

After he fails to solve the problem he might give it another try but because he lacks the needed resources he fails again. 99% of people lose hope after few failed attempts without realizing that they might not be able to solve the problem with their current resources.

In my article can anyone succeed i explained how all life problems can be solved provided that you keep trying while fixing your mistakes and learning from your failed attempts.

Let me give you an example that would make things clear, lets suppose that the life problem you wanted to solve was over eating. If you kept trying to control your desires without learning more about this problem then you will be trying to solve your problem using your current resources.

If however you started talking to experts, started reading books and managed to educate yourself more about this problem then you will be adding more resources that can help you solve this problem.

People get stuck when they try to solve life problems because they keep testing their current resources without trying to acquire more of them.

How can you solve any life problem

Here is how can you solve any life problem:

  • Attempt to solve the problem with your current resources: Try once or twice to solve your life problems but if you failed then know that something might be missing and that you need to acquire a certain resource
  • Acquire the missing resource(s) Whether its experience, some knowledge or a new skill, you need to acquire that missing resource in order to be able to solve the life problem that is bothering you else you will keep trying without succeeding
  • If you believe its possible you will do it: The only reason people stop trying and give up is that they have a certain limiting belief that stops them such as its not possible to do it. If you are serious about solving a life problem then examine your limiting beliefs and find out why do you believe that the problem cannot be solved. Once you get rid of your limiting belief(s) you will never give up and you will keep trying until you will reach what you want

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