Why am i vulnerable to life problems

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why am i vulnerable to life problems

Why do some successful business men fall apart when their business are about to go bankrupt?
Why do people who are deeply in love become really broken when they break up?
Why are we vulnerable to life problems and how can we become less vulnerable?

The business man who has built his empire had associated his identity, his sense of self worth and his Ego with his business and that’s why any attack that happens on his business is considered an attack on his own ego!!

In my previous article breaking the Ego I mentioned how associating your Ego with your achievements can result in breaking it if someone denied your achievements. If you think that you are a great person because you have built Rome then any person can make you feel bad by telling you that Rome is worthless.

The same goes for those who associates their strength and power with their ability to attract beautiful women and so when those woman leave them they feel powerless.

Fear of losing your Ego

The man who is in a relationship with a woman will become furious when a friend of his tells him that his spouse might be cheating on him. This wont only happen because he loves her but because it also represents a very big threat to his Ego.

The same goes for the business man who becomes terrified when he knows that a crisis is threatening his company.

We are so vulnerable because we are so obsessed by controlling our external environment in order to preserve our egos and the unfortunate fact is that whomever we are we will never gain full control over the external factors.

So if lack of control will threaten our Egos and if we can’t control all life aspects then do we have to live in fear for the rest of our lives?

Yes this is true, but there is one way out of it.

Higher force

I don’t like people who work because they didn’t find something else to do or because they failed to start their own business but i really admire those who are passionate about their jobs even if they they are doing really small tasks.

I also don’t like those who believe in God because everyone around them is doing it or because they found nothing else to believe in, on the other hand, I do admire those who have searched for scientific facts that proved God’s existence and then started believing in him.

In order to get rid of this fear of losing control and the fear of losing our Egos we have to depend on a higher force that reassures us that we can regain control if we asked it. We must find a way to rest assured that someone can help us if we lost control.

I am not asking you to believe in God in order not to become vulnerable but I am asking you to start your own research to find out if you can prove his existence. I have already written the book I saw God which contains solid scientific facts that proves that we were created with disregard to religions.

You don't have to believe that God exists because most people do but in the same time you don't have to believe that he doesn't exist because some others don't. Just seek your answers!!

when you believe that God can help you regain control if you lost it you will become less vulnerable and your fear of losing control will diminish.

Your achievements and your Ego

The other thing you must do in order not to become that vulnerable is to not associate your achievements or success with your ego.

If you managed to believe in yourself and not in your achievements you won’t become that vulnerable when someone devalues your achievements because you will be sure that you can achieve them once again even if you lost them.

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