How to become powerful Part II

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What is power?

Before you ask the question how can I become powerful you must first ask yourself the question, what is power?

Is it being able to reach what you want? Is it gaining people's respect? Is it knowing how to solve all of your problems in no time?

Power is neither this nor that but it’s a state of mind. It’s being in control whatever happens, it’s the opposite of being broken, of being a victim or being helpless.

Power is the state of mind that allows you to challenge whatever stands in your way, to bear the worst circumstances ever without cracking and to make your dreams come true with disregard to all the obstacles you face.

How to become powerful

Power itself is a state of mind that can be achieved through a combination of different personality traits that together form the sides of the power cube. The following are the key elements of power:

  • Controlling your emotions: How many times have you became scared? How many times panic has taken over you? How many times were you unable to control your temper and so took a wrong decision? How many emotional decisions have you took then regretted them later?

    Emotions are very powerful. They can control you and force you to do things you never wanted to do. Some people commit suicide right after a strong emotional experience and this shows how powerful emotions can be. A powerful person is the one who knows how to control his emotions and master them instead of letting them control him.

  • Patience: Impatience is the lack of the ability to tolerate a certain emotional stimulus that is currently affecting you. The more powerful you are the more will you be able to bear the worst circumstances while maintaining your rational thinking and self control. Patience is not waiting but its bearing the bad conditions while working your way through them. If you are not patient then you lack one of the vital sides of the power cube (see How to become patient)
  • Persistence: The persistent person is the one who can’t be stopped whatever happened to him. My leg was broken and I had to move using crouches however this didn’t stop me from going to the gym 3 times a week to train my upper body. Persistence is not commitment but it’s the ability to keep going even if a storm was blowing in your face (see Becoming unstoppable
  • Self confidence and believing in your self: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that self confidence is not only knowing how to talk to strangers or how to give the impression that you are in control but in addition to this it’s believing in yourself and knowing that you can do anything if you wanted to.
  • Courage: Courage is not only fighting back those who bully you or saying out loud your needs but its looking life straight into the eye, its not freaking out when you forget your keys inside the car and its standing still in the face of the new problems you encounter without collapsing or running away. Courage is not the absence of fear but it’s the ability to continue going on while ignoring your fears.

Want to become powerful?

Don’t feel bad if you found that you lack any of these qualities or even if you found that you lack them all. Another part of power is knowledge, now you know what you lack and what you need to learn, the links below will help complete all the missing sides of your power cube so that you can become powerful.

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