How to solve my problem

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Problem solving techniques

Few month ago I planned to join a problem solving course that was organized by a very large and well known company. Usually people should feel excited about such courses but something inside me made feel that I am making a big mistake by traveling for the course. As soon as the course started I took a big shock, the trainer was saying that we should identify the problem, know its cause then try to solve it!!!

I traveled for 400 kilometers just to hear someone saying these basic stuff. When I searched the internet for “problem solving” I found some good information but still most of the sites said the same things that the trainer said.

I then realized that there is a big misconception when it comes to problem solving and I decided to write this article to explain how problems can really be solved.

How problems can be really solved

  • Stop escaping: How many life problems have you been suffering from since years yet you fear to face them? How many problems have you ignored or lost hope in solving them and then buried them in your subconscious mind? How many things are making you dissatisfied with your life yet you are ignoring them? The first step in solving any problem is deciding to face it with all the courage you have instead of suppressing it. (see My Life is so sad and I am not satisfied with my life)
  • Start Moving: There are no white knights who can help you out, no old good wise man will appear and give you an advice on what to do and people won’t suddenly realize that you need help then help you out but only you can help yourself solve your own problems. Accumulating your problems will only result in suppressed emotions that might lead to sadness and depression. Only you can help yourself and only you hold the keys to solving your own problems. (see Why is this happening to me )
  • Understand patience correctly: Patience is not waiting but its being patient until the plans you are working on brings you results. If your problem is a long term one then you need a long term plan to deal with it, write your plan, follow it and be patient until you achieve the goals you wrote.
  • Accept it: How are you going to solve the problem of the death of a loved one?? The only choice you have is to accept it. Acceptance doesn’t mean declaring defeat but it’s knowing that your mood can't be fixed using any other way other than accepting what happened.
  • Know that failure is not bad: You might not be able to solve the problem from the first try or even the fifth because life is not perfect. Those who succeeded failed many times before succeeding. Problems aren't solved over night. Failure is not bad, just keep trying. (see Programming your mind for success)
  • Identify the problem, know the cause... bla bla bla: Well, if you did the above advice you can then move on to the traditional steps that everyone is talking about.

Final words about problem solving

People don’t fail in solving their problems because they don’t know the steps they should take but rather because they have false beliefs, fears and loss of hope that prevents them from using their full potential to solve their problems.

If they just managed to get over these obstacles and only used a portion of their potential they won’t need any problem solving techniques to help them solve their problems.

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