I have big problems

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I have big problems

Sam just had a bad breakup, lost his job and had a car accident that destroyed his car. In addition to this, he doesn’t like his looks and he is not satisfied with his life.

Few days later after this pile of problems accumulated the door knocked and when he opened it he found an old friend offering him a new job. Sam suddenly felt way better even though he still has a big pile of unsolved problems.

But why did he feel better even though he still has big problems? Simply because the current mood you are experiencing is the result of all of the problems you are facing and so if you solved any of them you will feel better even if you haven’t dealt with them all.

Mountains of problems

If you tried to document all the problems you are currently suffering from you might end up with a huge list, especially if you are not an optimistic person. When taking a deeper look at this list you will notice that there are small problems that make the list appear bigger and that can be solved in few days.

Your slow computer, your belly fat, your unhealthy life style are all factors that can be changed within few weeks and that can have a dramatic impact on your mood. Just like Sam felt great when one of the problems was solved you can help yourself feel great too by removing some of the pebbles from your mountain of problems.

After all, mountains are formed of pebbles and if you managed to remove a small problem every few days you will end up with a problem free life!!

But my problems are really big

Your big problems are nothing more than a pile formed of small problems. For example, losing your job might appear as a great problem but when dividing it to chunks you will find that this problem is formed of smaller problems like:

1)Being worried about your ability to find another job
2)Being pessimistic and thinking that the current state of economy won’t help you find another job (see overcoming negative thinking)
3)No another source of income
4)Feeling bad because you think that you were dumped for being incompetent (Ego issues)
5)Being afraid to tell people because they might think that you are not that good (lack of self esteem, see How to stop comparing yourself to others)

As so you can see this big problem can be divided into smaller problems. Those small problems can be solved by acquiring new skills that can help you find a new job easily, learning how to become a positive thinker, finding another source of income, dealing with your ego issues and learning how to have a high self esteem.

So after all you can feel better every morning even if you had the biggest problems ever by just making a small change everyday. If every day you dealt with a very small problem such as fixing your old computer you will end up feeling great in a matter of weeks and you will have enough energy to encounter larger problems.

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