The Media, Poor Self-image and Real Heroes

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

A Comparison

How does it feel like when you compare yourself to a hero in a movie?

A Hollywood hero seems to have everything that you don't have. He's got such great looks, he is always motivated and he has a solid self-confidence.

Certainly anybody who compares himself to such a fortunate person will end up feeling bad but do you know that in addition to the bad feelings you might end up with a poor self image as a result of this comparison?

A poor self image is a problem that develops when a person dislikes his looks and so feels uncomfortable around others. There are many possible causes for this mental problem and one of the popular causes is the exposure to media!

Whatever You See Affects Your Mind

In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how the media affects our perception of ourselves. Many of us might not notice any strange feeling when seeing such heroes in movies but do you know that whatever you see programs your subconscious mind?

The media has brainwashed us all and programmed us with affirmations and subliminal messages throughout our lives to an extent that they have redefined the way we see and judge things.

The media have enforced incorrect standards for us to follow and as a result we developed a distorted perception of reality. Without noticing you might believe that a good looking person is a kind one while a bad looking person is evil just because that belief was repeated many times in movies.

This belief wasn't repeated directly but it was repeated indirectly. If each time the hero was good looking and the bad guy was bad looking then your mind will be programmed with these beliefs.

Today many people ,especially women, suffer from low self esteem just because they are trying to achieve the impossible standards advertised by the media. Studies have found that a typical woman feels much less attractive as soon as she gets exposed to a magazine that has pictures of skinny models.

Another study has found that men found their wives much less attractive right after viewing the same images. In other words, getting exposed to these messages doesn't only lower self esteem but it also alters people's tastes and motivate them to seek more attractive partners.

Who are the True Heroes?

Real-life heroes are not those handsome people fighting evil. A real-life hero is not that guy who always wins the heart of the princess nor he is the one who is always admired by everyone.

The real heroes are the people who fight for what they want until they get it. Real-life heroes are the persistent, the ambitious and the hard workers.

They are the people who sleep less because they have a mission, the people who believe in themselves even if many rejected them. They are the people who do their best in order to achieve what they want. They may be unnoticed, not admired and may not be loved by everyone but in the end they are the true heroes.

Don’t let the media brainwash you. You may be a hero too!!

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