neuro linguistic programming (NLP) Perceptual Positions

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) Perceptual Positions

since every person have got his own perception of the same events sometimes its very useful to take a look at those events from a perspective that is different than yours.

NLP defined those perspectives as Perceptual Positions and divided them into the following three ones:

  • First position : This is the normal perspective that you regularly use, its seeing the situation from your own perspective .
  • second position : The second position is the perspective of the other person involved with you in the same situation. In order to get more insight about how he views the situation you must step into his shoes and think as if you were him. Forget about all of your needs and think about his needs,forget about yourself and think as if you were him.
  • Third position: The third position is position of a third person who is not involved in the same situation. For example if you had a fight with someone else then the third person might be a bystander who was watching you

Whats the use of NLP Perceptual Positions

so what's the use of all of this ? since everyone acts on the basis of his own needs and emotions, thinking of a situation from your own perspective every time will let you lack understanding of others.

We are not all the same and everyone is different. If you don't like money some other person may like it, if you are confident the other person may be shy , if you were a hard worker the other person may be a Type B personality.

NLP Perceptual Positions and anger

one very handy use of the third position is to deal with anger. before
taking an action try to look at the situation from a different perspective. Looking at the situation from the perspective of the third position will give you a clear picture of the situation without being affected by emotions and so you will be less likely to take an emotional decision.

In order to see things from another perspective just close your eye and imagine that you are looking at yourself from the other person's eye and think as if you were him.

Perception Differs from a person to another

10 different people could go through the same situation yet perceive it differently. Because each person does his own processing to the perceived events people come up with different interpretations to the same situations.

The person who manages to see the situation from a different perspective is usually the one who will be able to understand others the most.

Over the years you might have developed the habit of seeing situations from a certain angle. Today is the day where you should start learning how to see situations from a completely different angle.

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