loneliness and feeling that you are not welcomed

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

They don’t like me

It feels bad when you feel that you are not welcomed. It feels bad when you find that everyone around you is interested in talking to someone else while no one is interested in you.

It feels bad when you find that people don’t like you or that they dont enjoy your company.

loneliness and feeling that you are not welcomed

One of the main causes of loneliness is feeling that people are not welcoming you or feeling that people don’t like you.

In that case it becomes so hard to share your emotions or experiences with them and so you may end up feeling lonely.

After all loneliness is the result of lack of intimate relationships. How could you form intimate relationships with people who don’t like you?

How to overcome this type of loneliness?

If you are really serious about overcoming this type of loneliness then the first thing you should do is making sure that those people really hate you. After all the problem might be with your distorted perception which results from your lack of self confidence.

When seeking answers to this question better take care because if you were convinced that people hate you your mind will pick up every clue that proves this idea true and it will ignore all other clues that may contradict it (see the article you get what you focus on in order to understand this concept).

after making sure of your answer, you can do the following steps:

  • In case it was a perception problem: If you found that people don’t really hate you then most probably your problem is self confidence related. Don’t wait anymore, start to build your self confidence as fast as you can and you wont experience those feelings of being unwanted again.
  • in case you made sure that they don’t like you: If that was the case then don’t waste your time with those people. Suppose that I told you that you are a bad person and that I don’t like you, does this mean that you are really a bad person? No its just my opinion, I may have had other reasons that made me say so (see the rejection section to know more about those reasons). Expand your social relations and leave behind you anyone who didn’t treat you well or valued you correctly. know that its so normal to have enemies who hate you. Every normal person has enemies just like he has friends, but when you discover your enemies move away from them and seek people who really love you.

Both solutions require sometime to be implemented and that's why you need to move against your emotions for a while until you reach your goals.

The problem many people who feel bad report is that they are unable to move forward while they are feeling bad. Those people didn't quit get the concept of recovery.

Recovering from loneliness or any other mental disorder requires some hard work even while you are feeling down. No one will help you except you and that's why you need to keep moving forward even if you don't like it.

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