You get what you focus on.

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

You receive millions of information bits every second

Your subconscious mind receives two million bits of information every second. These two million bits are then filtered until they are reduced to almost 7 bits/second plus or minus two.

The number two million might sound like a lot but it becomes really reasonable once you take into consideration the amount of details sent to your mind in a single situation.

This is an example that will show you how much information you are receiving now. You are now browsing the web, other than reading you may be noticing the colors used on this web site, you're probably listening to music, the sound of the television might be in the background, the phone might be ringing in addition to the feelings you are experiencing right now.

Your mind filters this information

Your mind only selects the relevant information or the most important information then discards the rest. For example, if you just started working in an assembly plant that assembles cars then when walking down the streets you will start noticing car parts that other people would totally ignore.

That's because, for them, it's considered irrelevant information. That's why when learning something new like body language you may think that you have never did any of these gestures you learned about before despite the fact that you perform them hundreds of times on daily basis.

The point is that before you started learning them body language was never relevant and thus they were filtered by your subconscious mind.

The same thing happens when you label yourself

The same happens when you label yourself. When you think that you are a loser then you will only collect information that proves that you are a loser while filtering your achievements or the complements that you receive.

On the other hand if you believed that you are confident then your subconscious will attract all evidences out there to prove it and it will filter everything else that opposes this belief. If you believed that you are boring person you'll attract all the information out there that proves that you are boring.

In addition to filtering information thinking about something too much may result in attracting it. If you think about the concept of success too much then chances are you will become successful but if you tend to think of failure too much then you will end up failing. This is called the law of attraction.

your thoughts become your reality

If you believed that you are no good then you wont be motivated to improve your self or change your life to the better.

As the time passes your skills will diminish and the belief of being no good will become stronger. After some time you will start experiencing failures in your life because of the lack of these skills and at this point you will become 100% sure that you are not good enough.

Beware of your thoughts for they can become your reality. Focus on positive things and you will reap them.

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