I Am Losing My Friends

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I am losing My Friends

Part of Sarah’s Diary
Looks like I am loosing my friends, I am really wondering why is this happening!!
Did I become a boring person? Why is everyone avoiding me now? People used to warmly greet me before now they don't even bother to say hi, Maybe because I am feeling down, maybe because I am depressed and people only want you when you are happy……

People Only Want you When you are happy

Have you experienced this before? Have you been the popular guy then suddenly lost your popularity?

have you lost most of your friends after you faced big life problems? If this happened to you before or if it’s currently happening then you should pay attention to each coming word.

Depression and The Energy Level

When you become depressed your energy will be drained, you will start to talk less, become pessimistic and you will rarely smile. Even if you didn’t talk still this low energy will be sensed by others around you.

Big problems or Depressive moods is not what makes some people turn away from you but it’s the state you become in when you are out of energy that make them avoid you.

On the other hand when you are in the mood, successful and happy you will become more energetic and this will be reflected in the way you talk, in your looks and in everything that you do.

This energy is what attracts people to you. People like successful persons because they want to be successful too, they like cheerful persons because they make them laugh and they like confident persons because they want to be confident as well.

People are usually attracted to others who have got what they lack , if someone is down he may be more attracted to a cheerful person, if someone is facing problems he will be more attracted to a successful person.

So the conclusion is, its not true that people don’t want you when you are down but they are just more interested in you when you are happy.

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i even explained how appearing to be confident and in control can make you more attractive. A simple action like keeping your back straight was proven to make you more attractive to the people around you.

So What is the Solution?

You might now say: People only want me when I am full of energy, but since I am down I don’t have any energy, so as long as am down people wont approach me!

Noooooo,this is not true

You can act as if you are happy and if you cant do it then at least act as if you are OK. Begin by adjusting your body language, make your back straight, stay upright and learn to talk in an assertive way.

You may not be able to drive away that depression in few days but you are 100 capable of controlling your behavior right now, don’t let this depression destroy your social life.

One Final Thing

When you are down your ability to attract new friends will be reduced and your ability to become a role model will diminish.

In both cases, you can control your behavior and if you kept on with this optimistic behavior your personality will be affected in turn and you will end up becoming really optimistic.

I strongly Agree with the “Fake It Until You Make It” Approach because it works.

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Did that Help?

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